Dear friends from the USA and and all over the world
  Apology and explanation for long absence and communication to my many loved American and international friends...
    Politically induced delusional systems
  Is the information transmitted to us by the "authorities" always true and accurate. Or are we "the public" even in the established democracies, easy prey to manipulation and a process that Bernays referred to as “manufacturing consent”.
    In search for the breakthrough virginal knowledge of human consciousness
  On the virginal knowledge of human consciousness, absolutely vital as our last inroad to understand our social evolution before all-prevailing compromise invades all space.. Contemplations over human social evolution In search of the hidden and denied drama of Osiris ...
    A tough dream of love of justice addressed to the greater elements within the American people and to the United Nations imagining that an American president rises to the real challenges of post 9.11 and determines to achieve causal diagnosis and therapy of what happened
  Ghandi taught: take care of the means and the ends will take care of themselves. What would an American president rising to the stature of a Ghandi, a Mahatma, a "great soul"  say  to the rest of the World after 9.11??What would he ask of the World inspired by the  historically penetrating teaching of  the great minds of the founding fathers of America champion of freedom, democracy, human rights and the right to the pursuit of happiness. What would an American president truly committed to the extirpation of all violence and all terrorism say and do?? what would the US leader in the cause of freedom and human rights expect the World to do in a cataclysmic moment like 9,11?
    Mozart's Don Giovanni and the fear of freedom
  A challenging insight into the sexuality of the human male! Mozart's Don Giovanni is one of the greatest works of art. Through the genius of Mozart equally lavished on all his characters. The music and vocal line act as a psychanalysis of unique depth.
    Is the concept of cold war an expression of self-damaging Euro-American egocentrism?
  In the US and the West we automatically speak of the cold war, 1945-1991. To the millions in the non euro-american world it has been the longest, bloodiest, and most devastating war in history.
    Homo sapiens or Homo militaris?
  Sapiens name of our species was meant to denote wisdom and far sight, but are we entrusting the fate of our species to the less wise Homo militaris component? What do the lessons of the last two centuries of unprecedented bloodshed tell us.
    Osiris utters a warning to Imhotep in his dream
  Osiris’ Philosophy  unfolds in an imagined dialogue with his successor and disciple Imhotep. Osiris who gave humans the gift of creative agriculture and greening of the earth. hits a bull's eye diagnosing in half poetry half prose how religions and ideologies turn from springboards for human happines and freedom and enlightenment to major generators of violence and obstacles to human development.
    Civilisation?Progress? What does it mean?
  without researching continuously and dynamically the concept of progress we are in great danger of causing harm when we mean to help others develop and progress. Apparently allpowerful victorious West presents itself as the yardstick when it is itsel in a blind alley path to mounting violence and disintegration.
    Osiris the first green
  Osiris who gave humans the gift of creative agriculture and greening of the earth opened for humanity the path to survival and development without violence and bloodshed. He for the first time in history made real, a society based on love, interactive non-violence with self, “other” and Nature. No wonder he was killed and his drama suppressed in perpetuity.
    Extrapolation onto the twenty first century
  In our new unprecedented village world there is no alternative to interactive creative non-violence.
    The forbidden passion drama
  The real drama of Osiris a prototype and predictor of the flagrantly negated Jesus drama and Koranic drama, shares with both the tragic fate of distortion, suppression and misrepresentation in the most horrible and effective way of calculated misrepresentation and misinterpretation. What we are told about these primal and deeply significant dramas, are mountains of cumulative lies that blind most to the meaning and essence. It is a process in the service of politics, power dynamics and control, subtly turning these great life-serving, life and Earth-honouring, life and pulse-affirming dramas into power-serving life-denigrating anti-life DOGMA.

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