Osiris utters a warning to Imhotep in his dre

    By Tarek Ali Hassan
    Monday, August 12, 2002

Osiris who gave humans the gift of creative agriculture and greening of the earth. hits a bull's eye diagnosing how religions and ideologies turn from springboards for human happines and freedom and enhanced humanity into divisive enclaves of static fanatic beliefs perpetrated by priesthoods, with each enclave poised against the other firmly believing itself to be in sole pocession of a static unchangeable truth. Half poem half philosophy Osiris sends his message of love against dogma, of interactive pluralism against insular monochrome.

And Osiris said to Imhotep in his dream: "Imhotep my beloved
tell your people before you cross the river of life
free from all pain:
"Tell them" BEWARE!
Beware the priests, pundits,the learned and those who tell you that they know me FOR YOU past, present and future
No priest pundit or learned person can ever know me for another
You must know me yourself for yourself or you shall never know me
A method brings you nearer to me only if it is a boat, an open boat
An open boat is a joy unto my heart but it is so so rare
the mechanisms for secrecy and exclusion are too powerful
Secrecy and exclusion kill me just as violence, lies and treachery do!
trust not secret rites rituals and cults Osiris is no companion to any of these, even that they be practiced in His name

Beware the method that is not a boat for journeying in, but a house of protection Worse still beware the closed house of protection. It is an exclusion zone
It excludes those within and those without. It generates poverty of thought
Exclusion generates arrested growth and poverty of emotions,
masquerading under the masque of all-knowing wisdom shrouded in mystery and mystique

They say to justify "we were taught not to throw away pearls to the swine", the greatest pearl in all creation is the embryo
what the love-wisdom really meant must have been "do not throw away your embryos to the swine
let them grow for to allow the genes within them to flower and flourish" for what damage can the swine do to a lifeless and hardened pearl?
nothing at all
Swine can surely ravage an embryo, devour it and tear it apart,
but much worse, than swine, a hard non-responsive and poisoned womb
can be much more lethal the more alive the more vulnerable, the victim embryo
the love-wisdom saying really meant :
" do not throw away your embryos to hard non-responsive,
cold and frightened wombs

"if you are hardened and coated in many impregnable layers
you are safe, you are immune.
when a pearl has laid upon its inner heart layer after layer of armoured protection
it is impregnable, inviolate,
it dies a secure and well protected death even as it shines deceptively displaying an attractive, cold and deadly sheen

The "I and mine" lot, denigrate and exclude the "other",
they hate my teaching of "I and other" harmony but they will never show that hate or act upon it publicly.
Hate is contrary to their image and to their self-perception
and they therefore give their hate other names
and rationalise their hate and fear actions in masterly ways.
They are masters of sentimentality and displaced emotions as surrogate for the absence of real emotions
Hysterical righteous anger, sentimental love, mechanical performance, sentimental pity, sentimental patriotism
useful surrogates for those who sense it unbecoming to reveal their hate
I Osiris, make this judgment to warn you
as my inner eye leaps to see these selfsame "I and mine" lot "self-styled civilised angels"
perpetrating for years and years senseless and bloody conflicts
wars of hate resulting in the slaughter of millions upon millions of innocents .

Holocaust after holocaust without let remission or pause for self-examination!

beyond the worst nightmares of Amon and Amaunet.

they hate MOZART and OSIRIS

they only pretend to love Mozart to bluff their way into musical respectability
in action they hate and dismiss him utterly

they are busy judging ranking and classifying,
they make the a priori decision of, who are the swine and which are the pearls......
Who will ever know whether the dynamics of these decisions are "little"self-interest, self-preservation schemes or all encompassing love?
How many times do they repeat the commonly propagated error :
by "pearl" is meant hardness, invulnerabilty, untouchability, unchangeable permanence immutability?

thinking they possess a few well hardened pearls they will with unquestioning certainty, and without let or mercy
deny all other pearls
even though they sing or shine in every corner of the universe and in every corner of life
They are the mighty monopolisers of all privelege because they lay the spastic claim of sole possession
to a few once-upon-a-time pearls turned stale, frozen and awesome-repulsive from over exclusion

remember Imhotep:
even pearls were alive one day even they need to breath
even they ,hardened pearls, knew how to grow and take risks one time
true lovers are ready to take risks
true lovers will never imprison their seeds in an oyster deprived of growth,
true lovers yearn to open the door and are ready to be hurt in proportion to how much they love
for they always heal and grow
Beware then my beloved Imhotep, Bewarethese boats turned into immobile houses of exclusion for they above all exclude the living Osiris
The search and the journey go on forever
whenever you think you have found me, you have surely lost me
whenever you believe you have found me you have surely lost me,

the more absolute your certainty the more distant I am from you
such is the tantalising tragedy of the human race
Beware the TRUTH and those who claim to possess it
for it is too great, too alive, too elusive pulsating for anyone to possess or enclose in any cage
Strive for freedom from all encumbrances for to follow the rhythm and dance of the never-ending search for the truth.
Dance together and fill the Universe with Osirian music
That free rhythm and dance is what ennobles man.

Ihe delusion that he knows the Truth or that he possesses the Truth
using that monopoly as justification for actions and teachings that surely destroy, that most powerful yet most vulnerable Truth
far from empowering man and allowing him to possess the ultimate it is a diminution and a perversion of man
Beware the day when humanity will be divided into sects
each one claiming to know the Truth and to be in sole possession of the one and only Truth, connected to the one and only true Osiris.

Each sect will be poised to inflict any amount of harm and to do battle,
in the name of "Osiris the great" with other sects in the absolute belief that their perceptions are true and right to the exclusion of all other,
while I Osiris, calling and calling
unheeded and unheard, remain mummified, banished and excluded in the dread underworld
Beware texts and words, they are but a jumping board to the eternal dance of Truth,
words alone ,without the rhythm and the music, freeze all essence on their lifeless path.

Osiris/life waits eternally yearning for the human race to free itself from all encumbrance

Osiris/life waits yearning for his return, beyond boats turned prisons, beyond texts turned shackles,
beyond gold, changed from servant to master, and recreated into a blatant anti-life value generator.
Osiris is always waiting for to be experienced within
Osiris is waiting for the sublime consciousness-transforming recognition WITHIN

As Osiris disappeared out of Imhotep's dream he found his lips uttering the final farewell:
All these groups claiming to possess the whole truth to the exclusion of all other,
keep me banished, mummified and buried in the underworld.
The cruelty and the violence of this denial is immeasurable. It is so cruel
The measure for the life-support endeavour of nations and groups
is the paradoxical emergence amongst the most powerful, the most rich,the most priveleged
of deeply modest interactive pluralism.
Learning from the weaker others not riding them, molding them, and using them.
Who amongst the rich and powerful
will nurture and practice the ability and the desire to learn continuously,
to carry the terrible burden of doubt for to maintain the ability to grow and the courage to change?
Beware Imhotep!This life/Osiris demand goes against common sense and shortsighted gain,
but it is an absolute must if life-sense is to prevail and save this violent and threatened World.
Then, when this impossible paradox comes true, Imhotep my beloved,
you know that my essence can hope for an opening to breakthrough, breakout for to flourish
and flower and help ravaged nature and tormented humanity water the seeds of sanity, harmony, justice and peace
a prelude to Osirian fertility, green Earth, flowering of human genes and all genes and riches without limit. Imhotep then heard an echo slowly fading away

to love me is to ask questions
I mean really ask questiond from the heart and then ....
ask again ...
That Is the Osirian yoke....
human societies weak and strong, have taken to interpreting history, mythology even religion in terms of their strictures, complexes, fears and needs as well as the demands of the age and circumstances at the time. When they have completed the process, they conveniently forget. They forget the dynamics of the process and inflict the result upon themselves and many generations after them, as the indisputable TRUTH. Thus feeding a cummulative destructive force in human social evolution separating it farther and farther from the forces of biological evolution and of the evolution of matter. Social evolution is thus being led into an impossible impasse. It is that very impasse that Osiris addresses


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