The blues of Osiris, THE FIRST GREEN


Osiris represented peace, non-violence and the greening of the Earth. He represented love and respect for all things. He sensed the divine in all things.In ancient mythology he was repeatedly alluded to as "THE GREEN". Inspite of all that - or perhaps because of these qualities- he was many times murdered and was finally dismembered and his parts dispersed in the four corners of the known world. The priests covered up, by inventing a false drama about a victorious Osiris, Who rules for ever in the underworld. Mummified, separated and kept safely out of life and politics. Long before anyone dreamed of it Osiris was the first protagonist of the green party!

What follows are the sayings and songs of Imhotep architect of the great step pyramid at Sakkara, philosopher and greatest physician of all time around 3000 B.C. reconstructed with full poetic licence as during his last pilgrimage along the valley of the river Nile trying to recreate a drama that had already become forbidden in his time. Thus then the great Imhotep presents:

The passion drama of Osiris falsely called the victorious god of the dead and of the underworld.

A preparatory introduction about Imhotep and Osiris:27centuries before the beginning of our calendar in Menufer (Memphis) there rose to fame and highest repute a man who started life as a commoner.

Unlike the high priests who now looked up to him and obeyed him albeit with some resentment, Imhotep knew the soft red mud of the great river Nile, he knew first hand the miracle of Osiris which imbued this mud with unparalleled fertility.

He knew the Osirian teachings, which transformed the life of mankind. It was even reputed that he was taught by Osiris himself in all the great arts and sciences that Osiris regularly carried from the deep secret vaults of the Gods and transmitted to mankind.

Above all Imhotep learnt from Osiris the arts and sciences of Agriculture and Medicine. He soon became so well known for his knowledge of healing. Hoards and hoards of sufferers from the whole of the valley and delta and also from all the known parts of the world flocked upon him begging for him to bestow the miracle of healing. He was a great physician without a doubt the greatest physician of his time. He accurately identified hundreds of hitherto unknown causes of sickness and of death. He identified hundreds of medicinal plants.

True to his teacher and to his calling as healer he delved deeper and deeper into causality, till he dramatically diagnosed that deep at the root of all suffering was the unhealed soul, the divided self, fogged from its calling and potential fogged from its own Osiris.

Imhotep also diagnosed an inherent discord in the make up of a conscious male mammal.

For him all these discoveries were key to understanding and liberation. For decades Imhotep worked on the high priests and the princes of Egypt to impart his enlightenment to no avail. Not only did his endeavours meet deaf ears but he was subject to several murder attempts.

Each time his heightened awareness and deep knowledge helped him escape the danger at the eleventh hour.

His heart yearned to respond to the millions that clamoured for his healing. He in his lofty position had fallen in love with these amazing natural peasant farmers. According to the rigid hierarchy of the time these peasants were considered the lowest in creation. Their reluctance to fight, their aversion to soldiering, killing and weapons were considered sure signs of their lowliness.

Unknown to most, Imhotep knew that these condemned qualities were wonderful echoes of the Osirian teachings on non-violence as the path to healing, sublimation and the attainment of the full human potential. "The true Osirian disciples" he thought as he witnessed them being abused by all levels of authority as the lowest of the low.

The irony was that ?in keeping with the fashion of the times- they worshipped Osiris as the alleged victorious dead God of the dread under world. Osiris was victorious, the priests assured the bereft populace, through his son Horus. The pharaoh impersonating Horus was further legitimised to rule absolutely over the unsuspecting populace for ever and ever and ever, through his descent from the great Osiris and through his defeat of evil in a battle with the bad Seth when eventually the superiority of Horus God/Pharaoh arms and armour prevailed.

Imhotep knew in his heart of hearts that this story was untrue and contrary to Osiris? teaching and testimony. Nothing could be more removed from the Osiris drama than this politically expedient nonsense about a victorious avenger who defeats and banishes evil for all time.

Contrary to his already perverted times Imhotep saw that the people?s suffering did not stem from their amazing harmony and easy integration with nature, with the river, the fertile soil, and with all other animals, nor did it stem from their hatred of violence. To him they were taken over by the priests -who had no compunctions about weaving lies upon lies- and by endless levels, cobwebs of usurped authority filling their minds with perverted facts about everything that mattered from the moment of their birth to their death.

Some mysterious process had infected the human race and rated fighters far above farmers and soldiers far above growers of crops and animals, Imhotep?s heart overflowed with love to these potentially natural and harmonious men. Of all mankind, these were the men nearest to Osiris, yet they were so grossly used and abused.

Imhotep thought he had some leads into the genesis of this mysterious process and he was determined to pursue these leads against all obstacles and warning signs.

On the eve of his last birthday at the height of summer when the great river sprang to life, flooding with abundance and bursting with Osirian life energy he had a vision of such power that he knew it was an inner message of a depth that can not be ignored. He knew that this was to be his last year on earth.

He saw his beloved Osiris in the underworld as if screaming and shouting in a deep deep vacuum pointing at him and asking for help. Imhotep forthwith traveled incognito to Athribis Situated at the bottom of the Nile delta proper, North of the capital Menufer his feet took him to the spot where it was reputed Osiris?s heart was hidden after his cruel murder and dismemberment. At that blood curdling spot he meditated for hours. Imhotep went into a trance and sensed himself weeping in the presence of the great benefactor Osiris. How can I help you? How can I do your bidding?

Imhotep came to with a deep clear knowledge within

He knew that he had to discard his princely robes and make a pilgrimage to Thebes then down the enchanted valley throughout the blessed villages and cities of Kemet proclaiming Osiris? teachings on the way.

This was now an urgent call, as he knew his days on earth were numbered. Imhotep?s own heart which had been so refined and thinned to transparency with feeling and compassion had developed a seer?s quality. Seeing into the past and into the future.

He saw with his heart?s eye terrible twists, lies, forgeries and terrible dynamics carefully woven out of an endless and ruthless power struggle He knew also that Thebes will seed great empires that will grow and last to the end of time, He knew that Kemet will seed the World?s conceptual framework to the end of time. If the cobwebs of lies being woven even during Imhotep?s life time were allowed to grow and if the tampering with history to gain advantages in the power struggle would be allowed to proceed unchallenged, the manipulated seeds will carry within them inevitable self-destruct mechanisms that will erupt disastrously even 40 centuries hence.

He knew that if the human race was to be saved from unimaginable suffering and catastrophe, then he must enrich, without fail, the Theban and Kemetian seeds with the Osirian anti-violence knowledge, the rightful midwife to all greatness and to the arts and sciences and to the fulfilment of the great dream of Amen and Amaunet that became this world.

Within his being Imhotep heard again and again what Osiris had asserted in his many incarnations on earth " do not look for or wait for hasty results. The seed is the most important contribution. Be sure to impregnate the seed. When the right time comes or if the consciousness is born with sufficient cumulative intensity to create the right time, the Osirian vision will flourish like a wonderful tree bearing the divine fruit for all.

Imhotep had already sensed terrible and dangerous dynamics as he participated in the yearly festivals up and down the valley and the delta when the Osiris passion was enacted year after year.

The story was very subtly transformed into a crude material battle of arms and armour between good and evil. The son Horus avenging his dead father, winning the battle and the glory while his adversaries are totally defeated and crushed after being stigmatised and dehumanised. The pharaoh representing absolute good then impersonates Horus the victorious and now becomes the absolute ruler.

Throughout this manipulated Osiris passion drama or rather non-drama, Osiris plays a completely passive and marginalised role. He is in this fraudulent play a dead body surrounded by priests and enclosed in a magnificent sarcophagus. A glorified prison surrounded with glorified guards. Up and down the land of Kemet, the valley and delta of the great river, Imhotep monitored the growth of priesthoods, temples and cults specialised in robbing the great passion drama of its essence. At the end of this dangerously manipulated non-drama of good and evil the pharaoh, always absolute good, emerged as absolute victor with license to commit any injustice unchallenged. All were hypnotised till the next festival to believe erroneously that absolute good always wins the day.

Imhotep had a deep calling to revive the drama as he knew it.

His approach was typically Osirian. He was not to force the drama or even teach it per se. He was to go on a pilgrimage, raise the consciousness of the people who followed him by telling the true history of the birth of the world and the birth of man.

He would reveal the deeply buried information about the birth and empowerment of the secondary Gods and about Osiris. He determined to reveal all before he departed from this world. He had tried with the princes and priests and failed. This was his last chance.

He would persevere to the point where his followers would be hit by the very insight that was tormenting him. He would use all his Osirian skills to unleash that miraculous process, chemistry of enlightenment. His will be himself a nightly theatre of enlightenment till the precious happening he so deeply yearned for happened. He dreamt the insights would be so powerful that they would turn within the recipients into music, poetry, dance and movement.

He was sure this happening would release and recreate the real passion of Osiris, which resided deep in the heart of every son of man.

He would thus allow the people of Kemet, the ones accidentally chosen by the great river to be fertilisers of empires and civilisations throughout the world to the end of time, to enact as has been their custom the true story of the Osiris passion.

Imhotep knew, Contrary to the farce enacted yearly as the Osiris passion drama , that Osiris is never victorious. He was never victorious. The Osirian song continues for always asking to be admitted and empowered in the world of men never through the power of arms or armour. The fraudulent Osirian drama so closely guarded by the priests was a flagrant decoy.

Imhotep started his journey along the great valley gradually approaching Thebes and gathering a rising number of followers. Periodically he sat by a great and wise tree along the roaring pulsating river. He recapped with his enraptured listeners the story and teachings of Osiris. He was amazed and overjoyed to find that inside many of these simple and abused Egyptian peasant farmers, the Osirian drama had somehow survived in their subconscious. They went along with the ritual story of the battle between good and evil and the triumph of the avenging son ending in the re-mummification and re-burial of the reconstructed Osiris as king of the other world, because this was what the priests and the powerful decreed.

It was as if they, the powerful had decreed that the reconstruction of Osiris?s dismembered parts can only be allowed on condition of his assured death and mummification and banishment to the other world. As a cover for this horrendous man limiting disaster, no amount of praise, glorification or deification was spared for the dead and securely mumified Osiris. Still these apparently mostly simple peasant farmers felt a deep frustration even an unhealed wound of sadness in their hearts for, after all, they were the ancestors of the first Egyptians who knew Osiris not only in name but also in his body and his being and amongst whom Osiris actually walked the earth.

Imhotep?s discerning physician?s eye had diagnosed this deep sadness affecting the heart of all peasant farmers cultivating the banks of a living river.

Thus then spoke Imhotep Architect, visionary, astronomer and the greatest physician of all time who gave up the highest princely and priestly privilege to fulfill his Osirian calling.

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