New book by Tarek Ali Hassan

8/27/2004 12:58:00 PM
by Tarek Ali Hassan


At last the general Egyptian book organisation GEBO Cairo, publishes Tarek Ali Hassan new book titled:

An exploration of contemporary history in the light of a philosophy of interactive pluralism and complementarity.

The book is in arabic, transliteration of title:

Falsafet Al takamul wal taadod
Rehlet Estekshaf fel tarich Al moasser

The book touches on many very sensitive issues protected by the thick armour of polarised linear logic simplifying everything into frames of absolute evil and absolute good.

Applying an interactive pluralistic stance explodes many firmly established myths that continue to bedevil the lives of people and nations to this day. Tarek Ali Hassan frequently repeats that his inspiration for writing and for the concept of pluralistic interactive logic, is his frequent and careful listening to and playing the Mozart operas and piano concertos. These present together with Homerís Iliad, models for a pluralistic interactive nondestructive vision beyond the simplistic non-dynamic good/evil telescope. Tarek Ali Hassan believes dynamic interactive pluralism is very important not only in sociology and history but also in physics and biology especially in the new physics and the new biology of the post DNA and gene mapping era.


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