Al Mansura"Symphonic Suite, at the Cairo Opera,14th February, 2004

1/27/2004 12:50:00 PM
by Tarek Ali Hassan


The next season starting february 2004 will include one of my symphonic suites "Al Mansura"on the 14th of February, 2004.Tarek Ali Hassan's Symphonic Suite for Orchestra "Al Mansura" scheduled for performance at the big hall in the new Cairo Opera.It is to be a performance by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Taha Nagui. The work is an early youthful work in four movements: Triumph, Funeral, Dances, Festival. It celebrates "Al Mansura" in the Northern Delta, a once beautiful city, rich in history and historic events in the confrontation/communication/conflict, between East and West, a truly informative interface. Mansura lies on the Damietta branch of the Nile which the composer considers as his adopted home town.
The Movements represent, the triumph of Mansura, the sadness over the victims of imposed conflict on all sides, celebration of the dance, and finally a festival movement celebrating life.




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