Tarek's dramas were student favourites at the height of the student movement in the 60s

5/4/2003 4:08:00 PM
by Tarek Ali Hassan


A friend from the London School of Economics with whom I had lost contact of performances with great success at the University of London Student's union theatre of one of my plays under the name "the prison" symbolising the walls,chains and iron bars that separate man from man. The precursor drama was performed by LSE and London University students under the name of "contratype" directed by Sebastien Bergman then Mike Simpson at LSE and at the Edinburgh festival fringe. This was the height of the student movement that nearly changed the World. Again man's separation from himself and "other" was explored. The pain and tragedy of that separation has become especially poignant lately as the Middle East once cradle of consciousness, wisdom and pluralism is plunged further into violence and war which seems to be widening the gulf between east and west rather than narrowi

Osiris represented peace, non-violence and the greening of the Earth. He represented love and respect for all things. He sensed the divine in all things.In ancient mythology he was repeatedly alluded to as "THE GREEN". Inspite of all that - or perhaps because of these qualities- he was many times murdered and was finally dismembered and his parts dispersed in the four corners of the known world. The priests covered up, by inventing a false drama about a victorious Osiris, Who rules for ever in the underworld. Mummified, separated and kept safely out of life and politics. Long before anyone dreamed of it Osiris was the first protagonist of the green party!



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