Secret lamentations of modern man
  mass media and unaccountable agencies contribute to the progressive erosion of democracy and the direction of human energies less in the service of life and more in the service of power...
    To Cecilia
  To Cecilia (This is my first published poem in the university magazine (CLARE) during a romantic phase of my youth now I am searching for publishers for the post-romantic material that came later ...
    A mass for our times
  Extracts from Mass in C: a dramatic poem taking from the latin text of the mass Triggered by performances of the Bach mass in B minor and the Mozart mass in C minor. Performed as a dramatic sequence first performances at London, Brighton and Bitmingham with Electronic Music by David Cain
    A wound that refuses to heal
  Sharing with my many lovely American friends a journey that carries with it a pain that defies resolution...Will we ever know who killed JFK ?? and who and who and what and why and how ???????
    Death of spontaneity
    When your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes
  Osiris song and letters from the underworld ...
    Argument with a tormenting other-self
  Galileo was interrogated, imprisoned and tormented until he recanted his blasphemous, heretic vision that the Earth was spherical, and untill he denied the nonesensense about Earth rotating around Sun...
    Recipe for a socially desirable animal, black comedy
  recipe for a socially desirable animal where and when? That is the question A touch of the theatre of the absurd...
  Elusive truth, lying truth!...
    Dialogue with a fish being grilled
  cast not this reproachful eye oh suffering fish when your crystal ball is destroyed and my burning coals de-nature your love jelly
    The Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon
  Dissonance most severe the Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon...
    Tiresias the blind seer
  What is vision's weight what awful price?...
    Prayer and reality sandwich
  a meditation...
    And was born an eater of the forbidden fruit
  The turnings taken in human social evolution creating discord with biological evolution is leading the species down a blind alley of mounting violence unto destruction, unless the miracle of a new consciousness erupts within us first
    Intimation at dawn
  Moments of illumination on a Paris electric train at dawn...
    Tragic demise of the Matriarch
  A vision for a mime or modern ballet drama. Horus the son laments the decline and death of Isis the great mother
    Songs before the end of history, an introduction to collected poems
  SONGS BEFORE THE END OF HISTORY An introduction to collected poems by Tarek Ali Hassan from Egypt ...
    Dance Macabre!
  Absurd theatre of the absurd:"at the postmortem of a friend"...
    And then you knew too much!
  Excursion into ancient mythology Oedipus the most sublime contemplation on the two inseperable Oedipus plays of Sophocles, regularly separated and distanced by damaging social conventions.
    In the lap of progress, for Samuel Beckett and his waiting for Godot
  Civilisation and progress: frantically engaged.....
    to a Mahatma
  'great soul
    untitled poem
    for Allen Ginsberg
   A man of love, a great poet and a beacon to the generation of the sixties whose great song was lost and betrayed
    for Florence G. most beloved
    Tragic demise of the Matriarch
    OEDIPUS the most sublime
    Revenge of the wronged matriarch
    The never ending tragedy of an apple eater
    Tragedy of a threatened species
    Black Comedy,"THE THING"

a new theatre experiment in 7 movements performed with great success in London and Durham

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