To Cecilia

Tarek Hassan
Saturday, August 28, 2004

To Cecilia, is my first published poem in the university magazine (CLARE) during a romantic phase of my youth now I am searching for publishers for the post-romantic material that came later in life.

The sad arpeggios bursting gently like blobs of coloured ice melting into nothingness as they are born

and in the pulsating horizon wailing violins search for fingers lost in the beyond
alone and all and alone
red orange blue purple green flashes of ice and sun

oh magic voice of visions

let me kiss that innocence again
do you remember one summer when nature smiled?
on the side of a green hill dotted with stillness
when we climbed the mountain to the top of the world
when we floated hugging the the air
when we rode the smoke and embraced the sun
a skinless amoeba dissolving and dissolved
even the tears in our eyes were beautiful
and the blood sucking flies
do you remember when they mixed our bloods in Wagnerian ritual
in the calm of that summer when nature smiled
when we said goodbye
when we wept kissed and stretched out our hands wailing our separation
when we wanted and did not want
when we lied when we cried
when so frightened of the unknown we died
on that summer day
when we embraced the world but would not learn
as the dots of stillness by the slope
silent sheep oblivious of all drama or fear
munched their grass and slept awake


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