when your sweet music earns you punishment for mysterious crimes

by Tarek Hassan
Published AuthorsDen Friday, October 10, 2003
First published London 1969


Osiris song and
letters from the underworld

when for sweet music you earns
punishment for mysterious crimes

when the awful hand, cheating
ravishes the naked marrow
made vulnerable by love

when the world paralysed

seems to turn
....and turn

as the noble one begs for a mother's womb
and finds none...

know then
my friend
that we are created alone

to be born alone and to depart alone

know you that now
and before
before after
and now

men who have foresaken all games have died alone
for having lived
for having loved


oh love that consumes the loving man
oh love that makes vulnerable to the cheating hand
oh love answered with inexorable hate
oh love told and untold
oh thick warmth

oh father

oh floating fungus in the bubbling stream

forgive them

they dare not see

forgive them for they feel not what they do
and they feel not what they would not do

Mozart and Osiris

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