Tiresias the blind seer

by Tarek Hassan
Sunday, August 31, 2003


what is vision's weight
what awful price?

Tiresias the blind Seer

Tomorrow more to see and wonder

Dotted visions fill the blind manís heart and sing

We are but weightless shadows

Turned into granite coffins

crushing weights of make-believe stones carved with incredible complexity

petrified forests from the deep past rule illegitimately

Tomorrow more to see and cry

the fire of knowledge
burns the seer
pursued by darkness
entangled in the forest
hampered by custom, jealousy and make-believe


more to see

more to fear tomorrow

and cry

but why?

what is vision's weight?
what awful price?

t'is in the eyes that see
the tortured gaze

repentant hearts

seething...for see


copyright2003Tarek Hassan

Mozart and Osiris

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