In the lap of progress, for Samuel Beckett and his waiting for Godot

by Tarek Hassan
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Civilisation and progress: frantically engaged..

the black car will not start
and in the back seat the fragile lady bent
wrinkled leathery arthritic bent

the black car will not start

and I am alone in the enclosure
with the fragile lady bent on arthritic love

the black car will not start

the constitution gives a push

third article

have to

fragile lady laughter on assymetrical nose

spits poison

will not move

"go to the square office facing the roundabout"

the black car will not start

I am alone with a small window
not enough for the collapsible column and the arthritis in the back
not enough not enough

third article
article three hypermodified
new legislation against pollution

odd shapes of silly metal burn carbons in the black car which
will not move and spits poison which titillates
the lady of the frogs to hysterical tearful laughter at eternal suffocation

(science industry and governments promise resolution and all plunge into more frantic activity)

car carb carbo carbe carbi
laughing frogs toads lizards speaking fish

mono dio carbo trio quatro quarto

quarto quarto

the suffocated toads are titillated with inflammable soot
and sing a chorus of modified joy

(in preparation for the next free elections)


modified joy
and gratitude


to the black car
so fully engaged in hysterical action
preparing for the next free elections


will not move


Osiris hidden passion drama

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